How to Unpack After a Move? Use this Helpful Checklist

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So the boxes and furniture are in the new place. All the work of organizing, packing, planning, actually moving and hauling are finally done. Now time to to get the furniture arranged and boxes unpacked. Perhaps you find unpacking after a move enjoyable, or perhaps it’s a tedious  burden to unload. One one hand, you want to unpack as quickly as possible to settle in, on the other hand, you want to take enough time to thoughtfully place and organize items in a way that will make it easy to find and enjoy. Checklists are helpful as a guide you through efficient unpacking.

1. Start with essentials

Essentials are anything you and your family need to to survive while unpacking. These include things like toiletries, medications, basic cookware and kitchen utensils.

2. Bedrooms

Unpack the beds and put them together. Next, unpack the linens and make the bed. This will make for a homey first night’s sleep. Make sure to rearrange the furniture and assess the closets before unpacking anything else. Then bring in the lamps. Make notes on anything you might need to tie it all in, like size rugs and curtains, or shelving for the closets. Wait until you know where the dressers will be and how you want to organize the closets before unpacking any clothes.

3. Bathrooms

Bathrooms are a good place for early unpacking since they are relatively small. Also, everyone will use the bathrooms. Having your shower curtains and clean towels in place will make the new place feel more like home after a move. Unpack the curtains, towels, soaps, rugs, trash cans, toilet paper, medications, and body products. Make a note of any size containers you might need to find to better organize the new bathrooms in the future.

4. Kitchen

Clean and line the cupboards, if that is something you plan to do. If anything, unpack the small appliances you use regularly, like the microwave, toaster and coffee machine. Next is to look at your cupboards and decide how you will organize the new kitchen. Taking the time to organize well on paper or in you mind will save you time and headaches down the road.

5. Rearrange Furniture

For the rest of the house, it is also important to plan before unpacking, and even before assembling. Does that bookcase really fit anywhere in the new house? If not, do not bother putting it together only to take it apart later. Grant it, sometimes we do not know if a piece of furniture will really work unless you see it in the space. Assemble and rearrange furniture before unpacking more things. Do not hang pictures or wall hangings up until all the furniture is in place.

6. Outdoor and Garage

The last things to unpack should be items like tools, patio furniture, etc. Again, try to take the time to carefully plan where things will go before unpacking any boxes.

It may feel challenging to unpack and organize all your boxes after a move. Using this checklist can help you do so efficiently and make your home feel like home without getting overwhelmed.