New Partner at Ladd Transfer

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Let me tell you about my brother-in-law Rodney Lewis. His nickname is Catfish. I do not recall why but as you can tell from the photo, I can venture a guess! He is incredibly fun to be around, and has one of the best senses of humor of anyone I’ve met. He’s a patient and loving father to my niece. He talks a lot, a WHOLE lot, but when you have a conversation with him he also actually listens carefully to what you say. He thinks of himself as a simple man, but he is in fact one of the most intelligent and inventive people I know. He has clever ideas and a very unique way of finding solutions to problems. He thinks things through, thoroughly and intellectually. He does compassionate deeds for strangers, just because he can. He can expertly do anything from interior decorating to rebuilding a carburetor. He has poured his soul into our family business for almost 25 years and is probably the best furniture mover currently working in NC. He is a brother to me and I cannot imagine runing the family business without him. On Wednesday he will deservedly become 1/2 owner of J.E. Ladd & Son Transfer and I cannot wait to add our partnership to the 132 year legacy of the company! Congratulations, Rodney. Well done.

– J.E. Ladd V