3 Practical Tips to Declutter Before a Move

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Moving can be stressful and expensive as it is, but there are some opportunities to be had that can save you money and maybe a bit of your sanity too – opportunities to clear out the old!

Whether you’re packing yourself or hiring a moving company to pack, an upcoming move is a great reason to declutter and get rid of things you no longer use. Having less things to move will also save you money and time in boxes, bubblewrap, tape, storage and muscle. You can even have a garage sale, gift or donate your things to charity.

Start early, as early as a year in advance, so you don’t feel like you are scrambling last minute. Here are 3 practical tips to get you started!

  1. Be honest with yourself and enlist friends.

You’ve lived with these items for a while, maybe even decades, so letting go can be hard. But are you really going to use that broken ceramic pig-shaped kettle ever? Do you need 5 pairs of sequined bell bottoms? Having a good talking with yourself and enlisting friends who can speak truth are good ways to help make decisions. It might even be fun and freeing. Being honest with yourself also means knowing how much you can realistically handle and scheduling things so that it’s doable for everyone involved.

KEY: Keep it real. Keep it fun.

 Go room by room.

Going room by room, put three bags or boxes, labeled “Toss” “Donate” “Maybe.” You may even want to add another one labeled “Sell,” but if you don’t think you will actually do so, just put those items into “Donate.” When it comes time to “maybe,” move that too elsewhere. Chances are, by the time you get through your home, your “maybe” boxes will feel more like “toss” or “donate” boxes.

KEY: As soon as a box is full, get it out of the house and gone.

  1. Set a short time goal.

Block out time, put on some music, set a timer, get at it. Even if you are a little slower than you used to be, having a set amount of time means that there’s an end point and will help you get things done. Having a set time will also help you make decisions faster and easier. Alternatively you can go through a room over a week or weekend, commit to putting X number of items into the boxes every day, or any variation!

KEY: Do not linger on an item(s). If you find yourself doing so, put it in “Maybe” and walk away.

So there you have it, 3 ways to get you started on decluttering before your next move. Keep it real. Keep it fun. Keep the boxes moving and keep yourself moving onwards! Hope these are helpful. Stay tuned for more moving tips in the future.