7 TIPs to Help Kids Prepare for a Move

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Moving can be stressful. Moving with kids can add another level of stress. Not only that, but moving is hard on kids. Transitioning to a new home, routine, school, friends are just a few of the difficult changes children go through. Thankfully there are ways parents and loved ones can help prepare kids for an upcoming move.

  1. Speak honestly to kids during the process. It is better to be strait forward an honest with children about moving to help them understand and process the transition.
  2. Allow kids to express their feelings, including fears and excitement, without judgement or comment. Often times we want to distract or dismiss children’s fears and anxieties. However, acknowledging these feelings by helping them verbalize them is important. This helps them feel seen, validated, and be able to better move on from those feelings. “Moving away can be sad. We had so much fun and good times in this home.”
  3. Be aware of the effect a long distance move can have on friendships. Make plans to maintain relationships through visits, letters, video chats, even gaming. Knowing that their friendships will not end can comforting and help all parties through the transition. “Let’s make a plan to video call Aunt Jill as soon as we get to the house to show her around.”
  4. Before the move, visit the new neighborhood together if possible. Getting acquainted with the new area can help ease the transition and give some things to look forward to.  “Here is the park we can walk to to see the ducks. This looks like such a nice spot to play.” 
  5. Pack together. Pack a few of their things together to involve them in the process. “Let’s pack Teddy into this special bag so we will make sure to take him to the new house. We love Teddy.”
  6. Start packing early. If possible, purge and pack things while kids are asleep. This will prevent them from noticing any forgotten toys in the donation pile.
  7. Plan an occasion to say goodbye to your old home and the rooms or things important to them.

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