Moving Boxes 101. How many moving boxes do you need?

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Finding your next home may take you months, maybe even years. After all that work comes the next task – moving. No matter how often you’ve done it, moving is a big deal. Organizing, prepping, and packing takes time and money. One thing everyone needs are moving boxes. When it comes to moving boxes, not everything is one size fits all. How many you need, and what sizes, really depends on your space.

How Many Moving Boxes?

The best thing to do? Ask your moving company to come and give their expert opinion. A phone call might be all you need, but if you don’t have time, you could also try an online calculator.

For example, a 2 bedroom home could need 30 medium boxes, 22 large boxes, 10 extra-large boxes, 6 picture boxes and 4 wardrobe boxes. This can easily be the bulk of your packing costs. For this reason, we strongly suggest decluttering.

What Size Moving Boxes?

Plan on putting heavy things into boxes for easy lifting. This also makes it less likely for the items to fall through the boxes. Medium boxes are great for books, kitchen items, dishes, and other fragile items. Larger, bulkier items can go in larger boxes without making them too heavy to carry. Save large boxes for items like clothes, pillows, blankets and cushions.

What About Specialty Moving Boxes?

  • Wardrobe Boxes. Many enjoy the convenience of wardrobe boxes. You can pack your closet, hanger and all. This makes it easy to place your closet items strait into their new home. However, these are heavy and take up a lot of space, and therefore can bre costly.
  • Bike Boxes. You can get these from your local bike shop. Bikes have to be disassembled before packing.
  • Picture/Mirror Boxes. These boxes can be purchased, perfectly sized for each of your pictures or mirrors. These are made to protect your cherished frames, photos and artwork, but you should still use bubble wrap.
  • Compartment Boxes. Glassware, bottles, and ornaments pack easily into dish or compartment boxes. Be careful not to over pack these boxes.
  • Mattress Boxes. Are you storing your mattress, or worried about having it punctured during the move? Mattress boxes are more protective than bags, but also pricier.

Where to Get Free Moving Boxes?

People move every day, so chances are there are free moving boxes around town. Finding free boxes can save you hundreds of dollars. Check out craigslist, facebook marketplace, and your local freecycle groups. Other places to find free moving boxes include: bookstores, liquor stores, coffee shops, and grocery stores. U-Haul also has a box exchange message board based on location.

As always, whether you’re buying your moving boxes new, or searching for used ones, feel free to reach out to us at Ladd Moving!

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