Our Senior Employee on Our New Truck

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Edna Earle (Ladd) Burrage was raised by the founder of our company and her grandfather, J.E. Ladd Sr.  In the photo, the top two quilts on the stack of furniture pads to her left were handmade by her grandmother Fannie Ladd.  When Edna Earle was just a young girl she would play under the large quilting frame while up to ten friends and neighbors stitched away at the “quilting party” as she described it.  Tonight she pointed to patches in the quilts “I remember having a dress made out of that material.”  At 88 years, Edna Earle (and the quilts) are still going strong!  In fact, we are considering bringing Edna Earle out of retirement to move furniture for us.  I told her to report to work in the morning at 9am.  “I’ll be there…with muscles!”