Why Local Movers and Summer Storage Should Be On Every Student’s Minds

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As a local, family-owned moving company in Durham, NC, home of Duke University, we see a lot of college and graduate students. Depending on summer plans, and how far those plans might be, students may want to consider renting summer storage. Better yet, hiring local movers, like Ladd Moving, to quickly and safely move all one’s belongings in and out, can save a lot of time, stress and headaches. The convenience and benefits of local movers and summer storage are especially valuable at the end of the school year.

Student housing, dorms and apartments often require students to move out during summer. As a result, every summer thousands of students are faced with the daunting task to pack up, and drive a car stuffed with books, bikes, and household items to their parents’ home. Some may even have to toss out belongings simply because they have no way to transport them. All this only to do it all again at the end of summer.

Why summer storage?

Renting a storage space near campus makes it very easy to move in and out. This is even more valuable for those who would have to drive long distances with over packed cars. Some storage units can start as low as $12 a month, with some offering student discounts. Pairing this with a local professional mover makes it even more convenient and adds another local business to support.

What size storage unit for a dorm room?

Most college dorm rooms will fit in a 5’x5’ storage unit. These often have 8 – 10 feet ceilings for plentiful stacking. Anyone with some larger furniture may need the next size up.

What about climate control?

If you’re in North Carolina like we are, the summer can get hot and humid and you will want to rent a climate controlled unit. Furniture, clothing, and books can grow mold and mildew in humid conditions.

The end of the school year is full of finals, papers, starting summer jobs, and other end-of-year transitions. Moving does not have to be another problem. Take the stress and headache out of summer moving with summer storage and local movers. Feel free to give us a call!