Throughout the history of Durham, Raleigh and Chapel Hill, one company’s legacy has endured like a perpetual monument: J.E. Ladd & Son Transfer.

With horses, wagon, and a strong back, the young J.E. Ladd moved the belongings of families arriving at the old Durham railway station in 1882.  Later, in the early 1910’s he commemorated the new partnership with his son, J.E. Ladd Jr., by renaming “J.E. Ladd Dray Service” to “J.E. Ladd & Son Transfer.”  The father and son continued to craft a distinguished reputation by skillfully and carefully moving Durham’s early families and businesses.

Thanks to customer loyalty and the inventiveness of the two Ladd men, J.E. Ladd & Son Transfer would successfully navigate through two world wars and a crippling Great Depression.  In the shadow of the flourishing father/son stewardship, grandson J.E. Ladd III became the next caretaker of J.E. Ladd & Son Transfer.  Under his proprietorship, J.E. Ladd and Son Transfer continued to relocate families and growing businesses in what would soon become the “Triangle Area.”  As the region expanded, so too did the footprint of J.E. Ladd and Son Transfer.

At sixteen years old, the founder’s great-grandson J.E. Ladd IV began his tenure with J.E. Ladd & Son Transfer.  True to the entrepreneurial spirit of his predecessors, he reshaped the company to adapt to the evolving needs of the now thriving Triangle Area.  The moving company celebrated an historic milestone this year as J.E. Ladd IV retired on January 1st and entrusted J.E. Ladd and Son Transfer to the founder’s great-great grandson, J.E. Ladd V, who has also served the family business for decades.

Five generations.  One hundred and thirty one years.  J.E. Ladd and Son Transfer was founded before the Statue of Liberty was forged, and both continue to enjoy the privilege of ushering people into their new home.  J.E. Ladd & Son Transfer, professional movers of households, businesses, pianos and antiques.

The Ladd Family moved your ancestors; you can trust them to move your treasures.

Serving the State of North Carolina and local moving in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and the surrounding communities.